One World Observatory

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285 Fulton St, New York, NY 10007
(212) 964-5432
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One World Observatory

Location: The entrance on West Street Vally

Hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00 - 8pm

Summer hours: 6 May to 10 September

                           Monday - Sunday 9:00 - 10pm


Visit the One World Observatory and its viewpoint located on floors 100, 101 and 102 each with 360 degree views of New York, it is surely one of the best attractions in the city, offering incredible views of Manhattan and surrounding areas. It is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and will feel on top of the world.

Enter a time, you will enter the Global Welcome Center where you will find a screen that will welcome visitors in different languages. We can also see videos about the 48 workers who helped in the construction of One World.

Raise the Sky Pod (a lift) to the plant 102 in less than 60 seconds. Offers a virtual experience that period of time in which you can see how the city of New York has evolved over the years.

If you thought the ride in the elevator had been the best, expect the best view of New York at One World Observatory, which offers a line of sight of about 80 km (50 miles) on a clear day.

In the See Forever Theater, you can see aerial images and photographs in a video presentation of 2 minutes. Then it will take the main observatory in the 100th floor, where you can stand on a disk of 4 meters and look down enjoying an incredible perspective of the streets of Manhattan.

Tickets: You can check the calendar and prices by clicking here. printed entries are accepted or presenting them on mobile devices. All children under 5 are free.

Our advice:

  • The One World Observatory does not open on September 11. At times certain dates may vary, you can click here to consult.
  • Silver in 101 you will find different dining options, from sandwiches, cakes, small dishes, cocktails, and fine wines (they are not included in the price).
  • It is not allowed to change or transfer the entries.
  • Be sure to buy your tickets online and get 15 minutes earlier. It will be much faster than buying tickets there.
  • If you visit New York this activity should definitely be among your plans.