Charging Bull

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Charging Bull

One of the most photographed icons in the business district of New York's El Toro Wall Street, made in bronze with a weight of 3,200 kg and the author is Arturo Di Modica, who wanted to customize with this figure, the symbol of success, realization, profits, aggressiveness, optimism and financial prosperity, which ironically was born as a gift to the city after the crisis of 1987. Di Modica, invested his savings, about $ 360,000 in construction and with a large Christmas tree in the middle of Broad street, in front of the New York Stock Exchange, on December 15th in 1987 the bull was moved to the street, some lookers were wondering how a huge sculpture appeared there. They didn’t have any permission and was impounded, but the voices of protest made the bull back and the Parks Department installed it in Bowling Green, at the end of Broadway Avenue, Some tourists believe in the myth that rubbing the testicles of the bull will help to get good luck. The author continues with the rights of the statue and on several occasions sued companies that tried to benefit financially in unauthorized reproductions.

Our advice:

In front of the Bull of Wall Street there is a webcam that focuses directly to him and ample space, so you can stand there and call relatives so they can see you standing right there, if you do not have a webcam on your computer. The direction of the webcam is