Bowling Green Park

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Bowling Green Park

It is a small public park, is located in Lower Manhattan near Wall Street, is considered the oldest park of the city, this triangular space was conditioned for bowling, that’s why it’s called (Bowling), the gate iron surrounding the park is original, because the park was devastated after the declaration of Independence and this is where the longest avenue in New York begins, The BROADWAY Ave.

Our advice:

Park is popular at lunchtime you can relax in a fenced lawn area with tables and chairs, a fountain in the center surrounded by red geraniums and birds, it’s something cool among all the cement around.

One morning New Yorkers awoke to the presence of a bronze sculpture of 3.5 tons, representing a bull, was retreated by the Mayor and was moved to Bowling Green and placed at its northern end, forming part as a decoration, today you can find it in Wall Street as a symbol of strength.

Remember that in the Parks of the whole city, smoking is not allowed.