Great Adventure Six Flags

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1 Six Flags Blvd Jackson, NJ 08527
732 - 928-1821

The Great Adventure

Excellent for fun has more games than any other theme park on the planet, including 13 coasters incredible as NITRO and Superman-ultimate flight. Of course, the Park also offers shows, concerts, and other points of interest. And find next door, six flags Wild Safari, the largest self-service out of Africa safari. FLAS Great America for 2014 is going to implement the Goliath roller coaster of wood, is billed as the fastest wooden coaster in everyone (72 mph) with the highest (180 feet) and drop steeper (85 degrees). Halloween Park holds events throughout the month of October with haunted houses, zombies, special performances etc., an event one not to be missed if it is in New York this time. There are also different ways to get discounts to go to the Park enter at this page before visiting it to find out the kind of discounts offered such as if it carries certain cans of Coca-Cola, the second ticket can go you for half price.