Labor Day

Labor Day

Date:  First Monday of September (September 3th,2018)

Labor Day is a federal holiday, therefore schools, banks, and post offices are closed on this day, and it’s celebrated on the first Monday of September each year and is a date which seeks to recognize the rights of the working class across the country.

Many consider Labor Day as the last day of summer, in this way it’s common to celebrate it doing picnics and barbecues, sometimes accompanied by fireworks. It’s also one of the weekends where most families or college students make trips out of town. After this weekend, most of the public schools begin their classes.

Remember, you can use major holidays to find good deals on the market.

Our Advice

On the same day (Monday, September 3th), American Indian Parade takes place, this parade has bands going around the streets of New York, dress often as political figures or celebrities, and dust paint is thrown among participants.

Chain stores and boutiques celebrate this day with great discounts. Here some recommendations:

Macy's: Department stores offer big discounts on holidays like this, when you go to Macy's do not forget your passport, you can claim a card discount of 10 % Which will be added to the Existing product discount.

Remember to visit the well-known brand stores like Old Navy, Victoria Secret, Express, Aeropostale, Gap, among others. All of them have big discounts because of the season change, making this day the perfect time to take advantage of deals and restock your wardrobe. Would be worth it if you can visit Macy's, most of the stores are located at 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

Century 21: Is a chain of department stores, Prices here include a discount up to 65% for most of the year, besides of other discounts for special events; you can find several products, such as personal level and household.