Macy's Thanksgiving Eve Balloon Blow-up

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Starts at 79th and Columbus Ave
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    79th Street
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    81st Street – Museum of Natural History

Macy's Thanksgiving Eve Balloon Blow-up

Date:             Wednesday before Thanksgiving 

Time:             Between 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

The protagonists of the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade are the giant balloons flying over the heads of the participants. Testing and inflating balloons are similar to the parade. The inflating balloons protocol is made a day before the parade. The entrance is on 79th Street and they start to inflate the balloons around 4:30 pm. Trials with the inflated balloons are made around the Museum of Natural History from Columbus Avenue to 77th Street, Central Park West and return to 81st street.

Our advice:

Around 5:00 pm most of the balloons begin to take its shape, at 9:00 pm they all should be inflated, this time is the perfect one for pictures. The balloons are kept earthbound by giant nets.

Try to arrive early so you can get good pictures because on this season, it gets dark earlier.

Bring snacks and water, once you leave the viewing area, you will not be able to re-enter because it takes a lot of time, so definitely bring things to eat and drink, or dinner in advance is the best.  For next year, try to make a friendship with someone who lives on 81st Street between 77th Street Central Park West and Columbus Avenue.